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Oct 15, 2017 · My Zeiss has been replaced with a Canon 16-35mm lens and in the video I show you my thoughts on why I switched wide angle lenses and why I opted for a super wide 16mm lens. I take you out on my Ultra Wide Angle Lenses: An 18mm equiv is super versatile when you need wide angle, but not so wide that things get crazy. I carry it everywhere with my camera now, along with the 35/1.8 and 55-210. Good: Price: Obviously. For wide angle E-mount lens, under $300 is amazing; the Sony 10-18 would set you back $750, and it can't shoot at f/2.

Avoiding Common Problems with Using a Wide-Angle Lens Don’t be lulled by the creative opportunities wide-angle lenses offer you and your digital camera. You can use a wide-angle lens to create some arresting photos, but wide-angle lenses can also cause some photographic catastrophes.

TIPS for using a wide angle lens | Louise Denton Photography Wide angle lenses really work well with dominating foregrounds. The curved perspective of the lens helps with sucking you in to the photo! And another tip: when shooting vertically with a wide angle lens you will need to pay attention to your tripod legs – keep them out of the photo by having one leg pointing directly backwards with the other two sideways. TUTORIAL | Using a 0.43x Wide Angle Lens Attachment With a Feb 24, 2016 · Take a look at our video on how to use an wide-angle lens attachment with a Canon EF-S 18-135MM IS STM Lens. This Wide Angle Fisheye lens features a detachable Macro Lens for close-up high

ShiftCam Aspherical Ultra Wide Angle Lens review – The 14 Jul 2019 When talking about lenses, what does ultra wide-angle mean? The dedicated zoom lens on the XS and XS Max does not work with this lens. Wide-Angle Lens Tips in Landscape Photography

How to Use Ultra-Wide Lenses - There are few, if any, ultra-ultra wide lenses available for smaller format (1.6x, DX and 1.3x) digital cameras. Ultra-Ultra wide lenses are for pros and nuts, and the smaller format cameras are for normal people. I put these figures on the chart, but only time will tell if real ultra-ultra wide lenses ever get built for the smaller formats. 6 Reasons to Love Ultra-Wide Lenses If wide-angle lenses take in more of the view than normal, ultra wide-angles take in a huge amount more. The field of view of these lenses is enormous. Compared to around 47º of normal lenses, they can be nearly two-and-a-half times wider, about 130º. There’s one proviso: straight lines in the view remain fairly straight. Wide Angle Lenses and How To Use Them - Photography Life A Sweeping View. When you’re using a wide angle lens, the hardest part about composition is making sure that there is something interesting in every part of the photo. In many landscapes, your widest lens will fill most of the frame with grass and an empty sky. A photo like this probably won’t be very powerful.

Aug 06, 2018 · It won’t work for everything, but part of the fun is experimenting with the results you can achieve by embracing perspective distortion. Photo by Jason D. Little Final Thoughts On The Benefit Of A Wide Angle Lens. The benefits addressed above are, to me, the most pragmatic reasons to use a wide angle lens.

What are the best Canon wide angle and ultra-wide angle lenses? And which is right for you? Wide-angle lenses for DSLRs should be dust and water-resistant, and have autofocus.

Buy products related to ultra wide angle len products and see what Rokinon FE14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Lens for Canon (Black). If it doesn't focus you probably need glasses.. and it takes a lot of spinning to do its job.. but it does it. 2.

Apple's iPhone 11 camera packs wide-angle photography 10 Sep 2019 The new smartphone has an ultrawide wider-angle camera that joins The new lens can be used by tapping the zoom button, which will show  10 Different Ways to Use a Wide Angle Lens - Vocal Wide angle lenses are an incredibly versatile tool that every photographer how to work around some of the more difficult aspects of this lens that some feature that you will first notice when shooting with an ultra wide angle lens is an 

Jul 12, 2017 · The lower the focal length, the wider the field of view and thus, the wider the lens. Any lens with a focal length lower than 24mm may be referred to as an ultra wide-angle lens. On a crop sensor camera, wide-angle lenses start at a focal length of around 24mm and go down from there. Ultra wide-angle lenses start at around 16mm.

What is an ultra-wide angle lens? When do you use this? - Quora Sep 19, 2019 · I’m afraid that for terminology we are back in the realm of 35mm photography, a standard lens is one that has an angle of view that is the equivalent of what a human with normal eyesight sees, roughly 70 degrees. Using Wide Angle Lenses - Cambridge in Colour Any lens does this — even telephoto lenses — it's just that a wider expanse of converging lines is visible with a wide angle lens. Furthermore, with a wide angle lens, even small changes in composition will alter the location of the vanishing point by a large amount — resulting in a big difference in how sharply lines seem to converge. When to Use an Ultra Wide Angle Lens | Outdoor Photography Guide If he is in a tunnel or slot canyon, the ultra wide expands the interior. Although it’s a specialized lens, the more you use it, the more photo applications you will discover. You will learn that Ian uses his 11-24mm lens for 80% of his landscape images. Join pro shooter, Ian Plant, who shows you when the ultra wide angle lens works best. Avoiding Common Problems with Using a Wide-Angle Lens